Getting Started With Full Services

Continue your innovation journey here! Take the next step and dive deeper into ehealth functionality. Build a message and send it using our security protocols – just follow the steps below.

Register for Full Services

To start, you will need an Innovation Lab account.

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Full services require authenticated access. Innovation Lab services are secured using client certificate authentication.  As a consumer of full services, you will be issued a certificate which can be used to encrypt, sign, and submit messages to the Innovation Lab.


Once you have an Innovation Lab account and are familiar with the Lite Services, contact us at to initiate the registration process for Full Services.


Eligibility is limited to those who are 18+, and can show proof of one of the following; an existing ONE ID account with eHealth Ontario, sponsorship from a recognized organization in health care/education/IT, OR a piece of Canadian, government-issued identification

What are Full Services?

Full Services implement the full functionality of our EHR services and are representative of eHealth Ontario’s production assets.  They demonstrate connectivity requirements as reflected in our production environment (i.e. all put/get messages and responses, error messages, security, etc) with fabricated data.  Unlike the 'Lite Services', all of these service calls flow through our HIAL and implement security protocols.

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