Getting Started With EHR Services

Start your innovation journey here. To register, build and submit ehealth messages, follow the steps below.

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What are EHR Services?

Innovation Lab EHR Services are simulations of our EHR services and offer only a subset of their functionality. These services provide basic EHR message validation and are intended to showcase basic connectivity with fabricated data implementing a few simple use cases. These services do not require authorization as they do not pass through the Health Information Access Layer security (HIAL) protocols.


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Start Using EHR Services

There are two ways to submit ehealth messages – using the test harness or using web services.

The test harness takes you through the steps of building a message, or you can submit a message that you have already built.

  1. Log in to Innovation Lab
    1. Note: If you have just registered, please make sure that you confirm your registration through email prior to log in
  2. Navigate to our Test Harness
    1. Note: If this is your first time, you have to accept the Terms and Conditions
  3. Check that the Service Agreement Status for the desired service has been accepted and is active (indicated by a check mark)
  4. Click on the add new icon (+) in the message log to create a new message
  5. Paste the full message (Header and Body) into the Test Harness
    1. If you are not sure what goes here, refer to the sample messages:
      • Navigate to the bottom of each service interaction page (e.g. EHRServices->Provincial Client Registry-> Find Candidates Query).
      • Click on 'Copy Text' to save the contents of the message
      • Paste (Ctrl+V), the contents into the Test Harness
  6. Make sure that you have embedded UniqueSenderIdentifier and Terms and Conditions into your message as indicated here (Note: this is only required for Lite Services)
  7. Click the Submit Message button.  Upon a successful submission, the message builder will close and a new log entry will be created showing the request and response
  8. Review the result in the response section



Notes on Logging:

    • If the request returned a successful response, you will be redirected to the main 'Test Harness' page and the response will be in your 'Message Log'.  
    • If the request generated an error, the error message will be displayed below the sent message
    • If the message contained a UniqueSenderIdentifier and there was no error parsing the XML message, then the error messages will also be logged in your 'Message Log'

Web services allow you to submit a message, via an end point, that you have already developed on your own system using your own code (SOAPUI, Java, C#, etc.).

  1. Build your message according to the eHealth Ontario message and registry specifications.  Message specifications can be found under each of the registry’s Resources section (e.g. EHR Services -> Provincial Client Registry).  There are also sample codes in our "Code Sharing" repository, as well discussions around the sample codes on our "Forum" Repositories.
  2. Make sure that you have embedded the UniqueSenderIdentifier and Terms and Conditions as indicated here. 
  3. Submit the newly created message
  4. Review the response/results



    • Since your messages will contain a UniqueSenderIdentifier, all messages submitted directly to an end point will be logged in your 'Message Log' section on the Test Harness page


Examples of existing tools/products that can be used to create a connection to the end point provided, and send messages are:


    • SOAPUI


    • HL7 Inspector
    • 7Edit


    • Fiddler
    • Postman