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Want to know more about EHR integration in Ontario? Have a question about eHealth Ontario’s assets? Need to know more about Object Identifiers (OIDs)?


The Architecture and Standards Division at eHealth Ontario is here to help. We assist with interpreting our core assets, planning investments in new systems, or upgrades to existing ones, and ultimately ensuring those systems integrate with the EHR to provide clinical value.


Our goal is to provide coordinated guidance and support to help you implement your eHealth solutions and/or integrate existing ones. Our experts:


  • Specialize in interoperability and integration of all the EHR assets
  • Have both specific solution subject matter expertise and the longitudinal vision for the EHR
  • Understand EHR interdependencies between systems and solutions
  • Have the appropriate depth of knowledge to ask the right questions to assess the service requirements
  • Assist with adoption and alignment to Ontario’s eHealth Blueprint, EHR Connectivity Strategy and our published interoperability standards


From advisory consultations to EHR integration to standard selection, we can help you align, adopt and implement the blueprint. Book an appointment with us today and discover how we can help you develop your ehealth solutions.